About Us

At present Kazakhstan, with its huge reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials, is becoming one of the most important development centers of the world oil industry. Today, the largest international oil and gas companies are involved in the exploitation of the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea. The service needs of oil and drilling companies served as a pre-condition for the establishment of “Zhigermunaiservice” LLP activity which is aimed at the provision of rental , repair, and the manufacture of drilling, oil field and non-standard equipment, and the outfitting of oil and gas fields.

Our company possesses powerful production potential, including service, metal cutting, forging, welding equipment and our own oxygen production station. One of our indisputable advantages is the availability of our own rail way dead-end siding. In detail…

Our advantages

  • Existing production assets and developed infrastructure
  • 100% Kazakh Company
  • Released products are certified and comply with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan standards
  • Integrated system of products quality management
  • Qualified engineering-technical personnel, ready and new engineering solutions
  • Territorial proximity to regions of oil operations
  • Established partner relations with equipment suppliers

Our clients